Jan 10, 2011

Dear 2010... September to December. The End.

Dear 2010,
Yep, this is the last of our memories with you. It really has been great. Who knows when we'll have another year as crazy, dynamic, unbelievable and jam packed? Oh, that's right, God knows. 2010, you're so smart.

- Fabulous Halloween party at the Muses' House!
- The Hesses install the new bookshelf!
- Brittany makes lots of Pumpkin Bread... mmm.

- Kyle repairs the door and installs the dead bolt... So handy!
- Brittany finishes last nutrition class on her way to her Master's degree!
- Kyle and Brittany head to College Station to see some wonderful Family Camp friends!!!
- Our nephew Aiden calls to tell us the Keys are going to have a baby!
- Thanksgiving in Norman, and of course Black Friday Shopping!
- (also) the leaves finally change in our yard!

- We hosted our very first garage sale!! then head to the Big 12 Championship.
- Holiday Cookie Extravaganza begins.
- Last Wedding Thank You note is sent out!
- First Married Christmas, lots of gifts, lots of love.
- Kyle's sister Jennifer gets engaged to Zac!

Like a said, a year we'll never forget. God has truely truely blessed us this year. The times that we were most focused on what we wanted, the Lord had us wait so that when our prayers were fulfilled we had no choice but to give glory to him. The tent falling and what to do about the reception location, the honeymoon plans and driving all the way to Colorado, figuring out where a married couple would stay on camp in Colorado, a place to live in Texas, Brittany's job with the VA, Kyle's position as family camp manager...
The Lord provides for us in the good and bad, times of plenty and time of little and we learn to trust him more and more each day... or at least that is our prayer.

How was your 2010?

Coming soon...
1. The actual Christmas pictures to be soon downloaded from the camera, oops!
2. Maybe a blog by Kyle because I'll be busy thesis-ing.
3. Ooo, a good post I was thinking of just this morning :)

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