Jan 8, 2011

Dear 2010... July to September

Dear 2010,
Loved Colorado... but yes, we had to return from Colorado. But it was great because God gave is a place to live, gave me a job, and helped us transition into "real" married life! Those were some of the funniest memories!

- After waiting an entire year, Brittany finally peaks Uncompaghre! Rock scramble, lightning, hail and lots of prayers!
- Tubing down Lake Fork of the Gunnison... chilly!
- Thomas grants us 27 hours off to take a night away from camp!
- We explore Black Canyon - Second largest Canyon in the US!
- Minute to Win It Ute Trail Edition hits top of the charts for awesome entertainment!

- Brittany gets job offer from the VA!
- Regular Season of Camp Ends... say goodbye to our new Colorado Family!
- Texas Staff comes to Ute to run Military Family Camp.
- The Hesses move back to Texas. Lots of moving!

- The Hesses enroll in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.
- The Brixeys and the Pettigrews get hitched!
- Brittany Starts job at the VA and more grad school-ness.
- Unpacking the house continues!
- Thank you notes for wedding gifts continue... what can I say, we were gone all summer!

Return to see the rest and end of our 2010!

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