Feb 2, 2011


So today, it snowed! Tomorrow when I leave for work it will be 17 degrees... with a wind chill of 1 degree! Did you read that?? One! Degree!!!

Now I know my friends in Pewaukee, Wisconsin are thinking, oh wow, Brittany must live in the tropical part of the United States.

But, here's the story. I'm from a little place called the south. Where food is spicy, the men open doors for the ladies, and yummy means Mike Rowe visits, makes boudin, and calls it a dirty job. Who knows. But when I grew up I didn't walk 10 miles through the snow uphill both ways... no, when it hit 32 outside the town shut down. The schools close for fear that at 32 a kid could sneeze and it could freeze and everyone would die.

Get it?

So when I see 32 degrees on the weather forecast I don't know what to do. I don't know how to drive in snow, I don't know how to dress for snow, I don't know how to cover the water spickets or let the sink drip so that pipes don't freeze? When they say "winterize my car" I always thought that just meant that I could knock the dust off the heater button in case I may need it.

Does anyone remember the Lake Charles Ice Storm of  January '97 (or the baby boom of October 1997)?

Anyway, this southern girl is going to have to pack on the layers tomorrow when the wind chill hits 1 degree. Yep, that's singular "degree." At least I thought ahead and made beef stew tonight... and already got together my first aid bag and figured out my evacuation plan... oh wait, that's for hurricanes. ;)

Embrace the snow! or anything else that may be different than what you are used to.

And for you viewing pleasure: Not the snow from Texas, but a few recent pics from the snow up at Ute Trail on Colorado taken by none other than Mr. Hess.

 Our First Home! now covered with snow!

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  1. Please tell me you did not go out today!I had to stand in the door with puppies on a long leash to do their 'dooty".Besides our power was out 4 times...no heat.Seems Oncor was having rolling blackouts and will do the same tomorrow.No,Britt this is not our beautiful Texas,nor do i believe like some are saying -that it is because Green Bay or the Steelers brought it with them.I just think maybe we will appreciate more of what we take for granted.So OK God,we love you and got the message,nuff already.Really need some pretty spring like weather..so my wonderful niece,nephew and their Mom will come to see us !Guess Who ?


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