Jan 7, 2011

Dear 2010... April to June

Dear 2010,
Remember the wedding, and the crazy fast move to Colorado, oh and Colorado!!

- April Fools on Kyle: Brittany makes Kyle eat "mushrooms" that are actually potatoes!
- Jill takes Brit's Bridals!
- Louisiana Dietetic Association Conference comes to Lake Charles!
- Kyle makes a surprise visit to Shreveport for Brittany's golden birthday! With flowers!
- In a freak hail storm, lightning, wind-fest... the tent falls again. They call me. It's not going back up.

(this is a big one)
- Kyle turns 28!
- Hesses and Kingsleys meet for the first Time!
- Kyle and Brittany Tie the Knot at Sky Ranch! Weather is Beautiful!
- Wedding night we arrive at our cabin to find that ooops! there are people inside!
- Brittany completes her nutrition internship during the honeymoon!
- Kyle and Brittany pack up and head to Sky Ranch Ute Trail in Colorado!
- Staff Training and Camp Gets Rocking!

So I have wayyyyy more wedding pictures I want to show all of you... soon, soon.

- Camp, camp, and more camp!
- We meet the Larry and Delinda (aka Momma) Taylor! Can you say wonderful??
- Fall in love with the Ute Trail staff...check.

Stay tuned for the rest of our year...

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