Jan 25, 2011

Eat, Breathe, Sleep Thesis

I wish you would be interested in the one hundred million two hundred fifty four thousand seven hundred and eighty two pages I have printed and read in the past week.

But there is only so much that will entertain.

If you thought we dropped off the face of the earth, don't worry we're still here. Apparently in graduate school they call 'dropping off the face of the earth'  Thesis Proposal.

So there ya have it.

For those of you interested in something interesting today. We'll one of my most wonderful friends Elizabeth passed her RD exam today! Who knew! She is now an official Registered Dietitian "the Nutrition Experts"... (and she's the one in the middle, yep, sitting on top of the bulldog :)

Someday I'll get around to taking my exam... right after I stop eating, breathing, and sleeping all things thesis ;)

Today do something you enjoy very very much, because you never know when you'll get bogged down with a case of thesis and have to avoid those things a lot.

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