Dec 31, 2012

Best of 2012

With the new year coming, I figure we could take a look back to 2012. Funny thing is, this year Facebook decided to tell me what my biggest moments were for 2012... and it's pretty comical. But we'll recap 2012 on the blog too, favorite posts, best cities for visitors, you know the drill...

First off though I feel like a bit of a nerd once I found out what Facebook thought my biggest accomplishments were this year. So yes, Facebook got it right with these...

And then it got a little crazier. Top moments including a post about the time years back I got very sick in the middle of nowhere Kenya after eating kale. And then the first time I made a smoothie by pressing the blender button only once, like no stirring/shaking/wishing you had a better blender days. 

Three of my top twenty moment included the Olympics, you know sand volleyball and women's gymnastics, can you tell my husband was out of town during the Olympics??

Rounded off with pecans, blog posts, meeting famous people, and attending barn dance birthday parties. But the last moment is the one where my nerdiness was confirmed...

Anyways, that's what Facebook thought of me. Here's what you guys thought of the blog, a little recap like we did last year.

Top Cities for Readers (you know, the places where most people seem to read the blog)
1. Shreveport
2. Lindale
3. Lake Charles
4. Dallas
5. Denton

Don't worry, I'm not stalking you... I just have this thing that helps me with all my blog stats...

Top Countries for Readers Again, hello Brazil!! Wondering who you are down there... but welcome!
1. United States
2. Brazil
3. Canada
4. Mexico
5. Australia

And then of course the fun one. The top posts of the year, calculated by most views over the course of 2012. Funny thing is, not all of these were written in 2012, but apparently still favorites...

Top Ten (Most Viewed) Posts of 2012

Number One: Charlie Brown Chevron
Now this one was an interesting number one! But then I realized it's because I pinned it to Pinterest, so maybe that's why it got soo many hits...

Number Two: Wait, Where was Kyle?
You know, explaining where my husband went for 4 months...

Number Three: Summer List of Wonders
Although it was written in 2011, still a fave of 2012... maybe I should have done one this year...

Number Four: Car Funnies and Curtain Dilemmas
Maybe people actually thought I was going to ever make curtains and kept checking back... soon, I'll make the curtains soon, I promise...

Number Five: Today's Agenda
Which was more about the thesis, lol...

Apparently we didn't have the most exciting year on the blog, lol... where did all that time go since I finished my thesis?!?  But even though it feels like ages ago, my master's degree and thesis really did consume most of my time in the first few months of the year. The summer travelling back and forth was a little crazy. And I'm not really sure where the fall went, it kind of just slipped away.

Maybe 2013 will get exciting around here...

Oh 2013, what adventures do you hold?

What about you, did you have a blog post here that was your favorite that didn't seem to make the list?? Did you find an interesting array of moments on your "Facebook Top 20 Moments of 2012"? What were your best moments of 2012?

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