Dec 7, 2012

Trimming the (Christmas) Tree

It's time for the Hess House Christmas Tree Trimming. The lights, the berries, the red, the ornaments, and well we just kind of love our tree. Same tree as our first tree, but with many more decorations than our bare newlywed tree. Anyways, here's how it went down this year.

First we had to move the desk, along with some other furniture moving (which you'll see later on) we made room for our tree extraordinaire. Isn't she beautiful?

Then of course, was the decorating. Which meant we needed to figure out how we were going to attach the star this year. It's kind of wobbly because the base is a coil/spring. And our tree is like 4 inches too tall for the star, so there's tree wire bending and unbending.

We ended up using the green twist tie from the tortilla bag and the bread bag and now it's pretty secure. Can't you see how secure Kyle thinks it is?

With the basic tree as our base (pre-lit) we then add my favorite: the berry garland stuff...

When I was little my mom used a roll like this on our tree, but it was made out of gold stars. Maybe she still uses it, crazy that I'm not sure. I'll have to check on Christmas. But anyway... We start with the berry garland, move on to the red wooden beads (you know, because Kyle said it was unsanitary to use actual stringed popcorn), and then the red unbreakable hand-me-down ornaments, and then the cool ornaments.

Like this classic bright red and green horsey. This one's off my mom's tree. She donated a few, and I love her even more for it. Makes decorating the tree a little more like the Kingsley fam is there too (even though they live a few hours away...)

Another jewel from my mom's tree is Ruth. You may not recognize Ruth from the Christmas Story. It's because she's not in it. Sort of. But really she had a baby that had great-great-great more greats grandkids and they had Jesus. So she's kind of in there. I have no idea why we have an ornament of Ruth, but she's one of my favorites. She looks so happy on her tree holding her barley, probably because she had just seen her main man Boaz, right? Carried away? yes.

Then we have one from Kyle's mom. You know. Baby's First Christmas 1982. That would be Kyle. So it's on the tree now too. I bet he was a cutie back then too. (Ooh and this is a great close up of the red wooden beads...)

Then another one to mark a big day. You know, wedding day!? One of our good friends gives these as wedding gifts. Isn't that so fun? There's me and Kyle being all bride and groom like.

And you know, our first Married Christmas! See how cute they are, they're like smores snowmen (and woman). You know you want one!

But wait, our second Married Christmas! Doesn't it look like a wedding cake? And again, don't you wish you had TWO of these...?

And then this one I'm sure our someday children will love and fight over. Right now we're sharing well... the LEGO snowman ornament! Kyle got it for me last year for Christmas because he knows me so well. And I think he's really cute (the ornament...oh and Kyle)!

And so that's how we roll here at the Hess House for Christmas. The finished tree. Check one off the ole Christmas List of Wonders. Pretty good tree picture, still though I think I like the close-up shots better, like you're almost inside the tree or something.

Happy Tree Trimming, even the fake ones like ours (someone's allergic).

Anyone else with favorite ornaments? Random Bible characters? Old family ornaments?


  1. Wow!! Loved this Christmas trimming party décor. The Christmas tree is looking adorable. The favors are excellent especially the Ruth statute. It looks fabulous. I too arranged a Christmas trimming party at one of venues in Chicago. Did marvellous work there that was loved by everyone.


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