Aug 27, 2012

Wait, Where Was Kyle?

Okay so after my last post, some of you were wondering where Kyle had been all summer. Some of you know, others may not realize that we kind of have two lives, lol.

So Kyle works for a christian summer camp out here in the Tyler area. He's here in Texas for most of the year planning for camp, recuiting for college summer staff, and making crazy videos. But he also runs the family side of things: he runs the parent-child retreat weekend the camp hosts during the year here in Texas. AND he runs the Family Camp in Colorado during the summer!

But Kyle really is great at running family camp, and it really is a load of fun.

After we got married we worked the first summer together in Colorado (you know, a week after we got married). And then I got a dietitian job back in Texas. So during the summer I kind of run (or fly) back and forth between Texas and Colorado... AKA two lives.

So that's where Kyle was... in Colorado, working, and making faces like this all summer...

in places like this...

with people like this...

Can you blame him?

Happy Loving your Job! More pics and stories to come of our summer abroad, lol.

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