Dec 12, 2012

Cinnamon Roll(s)

So last night I was wanting a cinnamon roll real bad. So Kyle and I went grocery shopping and we pondered over every cinnamon roll they sold in the store. We settled on J. Skinner's Cinnamon Craver's cinnamon rolls. These are like the kind I like, like the ones McDonald's used to make, like the ones that little bakery in the old LSU Union used to make... not so much like the ones in the can. They are gooey, but fully cooked, they have thin strips all wrapped up so there's the perfect ratio of dough to cinna-goo to icing. Matter of fact they're a lot like the Lake Charles Market Basket King Cakes, lol... just now realizing that.

Anyway, last night I ate 2.5 cinnamon rolls and I blammed it on Christmas. This morning I may have had another and packed another one in my lunch...

This is my excuse for not having a different blog post this morning. I spent my blogging time scarfing down giant cinnamon rolls and loving every minute of it.

Should have put that on the Christmas List of Wonders... just for the excuse, you know.

Anything sneak past your lips in great number this holiday season?

Merry Cinnamas ;)

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