Jan 2, 2013


Being from Louisiana snow isn't something we see very often. Especially on Christmas. Kyle, on the other hand, is from Oklahoma where a few years ago they had like 11 inches on snow on Christmas. For Kyle, Christmas is cold weather and snow! For me, Christmas is when you wish you could wear your new Christmas sweater but it's just way too hot.

This year was no different down in Louisiana... it was like 78 degrees and thunderstorms on Christmas... and we were having to drive back to Lindale on Christmas evening. 


Until we heard it was snowing in Lindale!! This is what we found when we arrived home... a White Christmas!

Then the next morning we woke up to the snow still outside! So we took more pictures before I went to work. And then Kyle played in the snow...

Isn't that crazy and beautiful. A Christmas Miracle :) And that last one is our pineapple plants covered in snow, for those of you wondering. For Kelly and Malcolm: the pineapples are still growing, can you believe it?

Can I still say Merry Christmas?  Did you get snow too?

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