Dec 3, 2012

Family (Camp) Reunion!

 So when we're in Colorado we have this family called Family Camp. Our wonderful, funny, nerdy, outdoorsy counselors. We kind of love them like our own children... but like they think we're cool. ...I think.

This weekend they came into our little town and stayed in our little house. We did all the wonderful things Family Camp does.

Cookie eating (the plate is empty), Jokers and Marbles playing, and pecan cracking. (Okay so we don't usually pecan crack, but we did convince them to crack some pecans for us, lol).

Campfire sitting, marshmallow roasting, smore gooing, and laughing, lots of laughing... and girl talk ;)

Saturday morning pancake breakfast? Check. More Jokers and Marbles? Check?

Then we headed to Dallas to holler at the Taylors (and surprise Larry), and then we fired up a barn dance. Really. We were invited to a barn dance birthday party and we did a little two-stepping and tooty-ta-ing.

Good times. People I love. Getting us Hesses ready for some good times with good people this Christmas Season. Anyone else two-step this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome group of people!
    To God be the glory!
    Lord I pray you continue to lead these people in mighty ways as they walk with you.
    Great to see pictures of everyone.
    Thanks for sharing them with us Brittany.
    J Hess


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