Dec 17, 2012

Jesus' Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Jesus. The kiddos were sure Jesus would like a pizza birthday party with chocolate cake and a selection of cheese and pepperoni pizza (who knew?).

I teach the Kindergarden through first grade kiddos on Sunday nights at church. We play games, learn Bible verses, tell Bible stories and I can almost guatantee that I make a fool of myself at least once a night. At times I've been a news anchor with a fake microphone, a crazy mom in a fake mini-van who is lost on the way to grandma's house, and very inexperienced travel agent taking my kiddos on imaginary walks through snowy mountains. I'm sure the kids think I'm crazy, but we have a good time.

Anyways, with Christmas being Jesus' birthday we talked about how Christmas really is like the biggest birthday party in the world. We talked about how we celebrate birthdays; you know, water parks, ballerinas parties, bounce houses, getting presents like Barbie dolls, and legos, and hunting guns (it's East Texas, lol). And then I broke the news to kids, they got to plan Jesus' birthday party!

From the time I said pizza they were excited. But I want them to remember that we celebrate Christmas because it's Jesus' birthday and He's a pretty special dude. We told the story of Jesus' birth, which got a little complicated when I was explaining how Joseph and Mary weren't married when marry was "with child" when I asked 'shocked' "then how did Mary have baby Jesus if they weren't married yet?" hoping to get the answer "God" or "the Holy Spirit," or something along those lines. Instead a kid said, "I know a lot of people who have babies before they're married!" Yep... I was just using "married" instead of "knowing in the Biblical sense" and I wasn't about to explain that to kindergarteners... so we moved along quickly.

Anyways, the kids voted and this is what we got... (hard to keep them all still for a pic, lol)

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, thanked Him for being our very best friend, and then we tried to figure out how to get icing and pizza cleaned off the kiddos before they had to perform for the night's Christmas concert... oops!

Go ahead, make Jesus a birthday cake this year! It was real fun, and my kiddos loved it. And I loved the leftover cake...

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