Dec 19, 2012

My DIY Office Wreath: No more Bacon Wreath...

So I love Christmas wreaths. I think they're pretty simple to make and can look pretty hoppin' hanging on the door. Really, I like to make them. I remember back in the day when I made those wreaths with my mom where you bend a coat hanger and then tie fabric strips around it (and I think they may be back in style by now...). Also I remember teaching a guy friend of mine how to make a wreath in college; and finding glitter on everything for weeks.

My most recent attempt to make a wreath was kind of a failure. I had a plain wreath, I brought it to work. I forgot to decorate it beforehand. So I used my fun dietitian food models to decorate the wreath. I thought it was pretty creative of me to use only what I had around my office.

Then someone called it "interesting and creative" in the way that you say not-so-great-looking people have a "good personality." Someone compared my wreath to Lady Gaga wearing meat as a dress, and one of the doctors told me she had to be honest and say it was ugly. I think only then did I take my blinders off and realize it wasn't the cutest thing on the hall. But "cute," it was "cute," many people said so...

What do you think? I took a picture for you, even though that may be against the rules (but not really)?

Okay, so it's horrible. It's a wreath with bacon on it (yes that's bacon in the bottom left corner), but it's fake food if that makes it better? Worse part is that it's been on my door for almost two weeks! I had loads of craft supplies at home to make a fantastic wreath with but I kept forgetting to bring the wreath home and I was not about to cart my entire world of crafting supplies to work... or so I thought.

I thought about how I have nothing hanging in the walls in my office and how I probably look like the person with the least amount of crafti-ness in the place.

So I carted my craftiness up to work and pulled off the fruit/veggies/awkwardly wrapped orange juice and got to work. But with less than a week left in the office until Christmas I wasn't about to buy anything. So I had scavenged the craft bins at the house and found some pearls on wire (I used to make a hair clip once in college), some Christmas ribbon that I got from Target at last year's after-Christmas sale, some hemp from my lanyard making days, and a flower clip that I got as a gift for helping plan the Women's Retreat at church last fall.

I quickly twirled the ribbon and wove it into the wreath. Twisted the wire pearls into the wreath, and tied some bows in with the hemp. Added the flower and we called it done. Time was limited.

What do ya think? Not exactly the same style we have at home, but it's for the office so that's not a problem... And just in time for Christmas right?  Oh my goodness, I think I'm just now realizing exactly how close Christmas is. Like less than a week away! Ahhh!

Happy HurryUpIt'sAlmostChristmasAndDon'tForgettheHotChocolate! :)


  1. Great improvement!

    1. Thanks! After they said "Lady Gaga" I knew something had to be done!


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