May 7, 2014

We made it.

We made it!

After the fifteen hour drive, we made it to Colorado! Right now we're working on getting settled in while working hard to get camp ready for staff in less than two weeks. I'm working on ordering activity gear and making cabin cleaning schedules and figuring out what we need for First Aid training. It's gonna be a busy summer...

But when I say, 'we made it,' I think too of a different idea. The idea that Kyle and I looked at each other many times last December and said 'we're gonna make it.' And here we are. It's almost five months later and the Lord has proven faithful.

I went on a walk just the other morning here in the beautiful San Juan mountains. I grabbed my ipod and prayed and I sang as I looked to the beautiful skies of Colorado. And all the songs were true. My heart still bears much pain at times, but in that moment all I could do was sit and look at the Lord's creation and thank Him for who He is. I thanked him for Hannah. I thanked him for the joy she brought us, but I also reminded him that I miss her. I thanked him for the pain, and the healing, and the way he so majestically draws us near to him in times of suffering. He is just so very good.

So here we are right in the middle of the San Juan Mountains, and here we are making it.

So as I work in this tiny office and I look out the window, I remember that we've come so very far. I remember that God is so very good, his love so very beautiful. And for that I am truly grateful.

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