May 11, 2014

the Hesses are Blessed

Today we celebrate Mother's Day and here at the Hess House we are truly blessed.

We are blessed by a God who loves us, who gave his Son for us, who gives us hope in desperation, joy through suffering, and love like we could never imagine.

Today it brings us an incredible joy to announce that we celebrate Mother's Day in a new way. I get a chance to be a mother again. The Hesses are expecting Baby Hess Number Two.

We have no guarantees, but we pray daily for a baby who lives. But surely we pray for another baby that offers the Lord as much glory as our sweet Hannah.

So the news is out: The Hesses are Expecting and today, Mother's Day it is truly a blessing.

Details to come.


  1. My heart is so full for you! Your sweet family will be on my heart and in my prayers this year. Congratulations!

  2. Kyle and Brittany, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Our hearts are filled with such joy for you all!!! John and Nita McClain ( Bereans Sunday school class)

  3. BK, I'm so happy for you! You are such a great mama.

  4. Sweet Brittany, God is so good and faithful! I am rejoicing, excited to read your blog and continue your story of faith and love. Congratulations <3


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