May 28, 2014

Officially That Crazy Lady

Still telling this fun little story of ours. After months of grief and pain and hurt, it's fun to write a little bit about something so very happy.

March 27, 2014

So I called the doctor's office yesterday. I was pretty sure my lab results wouldn't be in until today, but I figured I'd call just to make sure. No one answered so I left a message for the nurse. It went something like this:
"This is Brittany Hess, you can call me back at ###-###-####. If you have time. I'm not concerned about anything, but I was just wondering if maybe you had my lab results back yet. I mean, I know you probably won't have them until tomorrow, but I just wanted to check. I'm officially that crazy lady. Again this is Brittany Hess, if you can't call me until tomorrow that's okay too."
Really? I actually said 'I'm officially that crazy lady.' I'd been staring at my phone all day. You know, just in case they magically got the results in a day early and they wanted to call me. Well I stared at the phone until the moment that the nurse actually called me back. I was being healthy and doing Zumba and I missed her call... So I called her back. And left another message.
"This is Brittany Hess again, Calling you back. Oh my number is ###-###-####. I'm sorry I missed your call. I really have been staring at the phone all day and of course I missed when you actually called. Sorry I don't mean to call too much. But if you get this I'll be free all day so you can call me back. If you have time. But if you don't you can call me tomorrow. That would be okay... Again this is Brittany Hess. Thanks."
Yep, I actually told her I'd been staring at my phone all day.

Then she called me back. You know just as I was getting close to a school zone, where cell phone use will cost you up to $200 in fines. I'm not sure if that's just when the lights are blinking or not so I play on the safe side. Luckily her conversation was short and I was off the phone before I hit the school zone. She was sweet and told me not to worry about calling, that she would have wanted to know too. She told me they didn't have the results yet, but that they'd have them 'tomorrow morning.' Which is today.

I'm about to go to work and drive through lots of school zones. Maybe she'll call then :)


I walked into one of our schools with my scale and stadiometer in hand. I stepped into one of the classrooms and then my phone rang. I pulled out my phone and it was the doctor's office. Quickly I told the teacher that my doctor was calling and I'd have to step out. Then I quickly ran down the hallway to an empty corner, with my stadiometer, scale, and all.

I tried to answer the phone all nonchalant but really I wanted to scream "What are the results?!?!?" The sweet nurse introduced herself and I will tell you she was being so polite that I thought it must be bad news. And then she said that my hcg had increased, she told me the numbers and she told me it looked great. I had to stop her and confirm, 'so you're saying that we're pregnant and so far everything looks great?' And she said, 'yes, we still think you are about 2 weeks pregnant' which for those of you counting that means 'two weeks since conception which they later say is "4 weeks pregnant."

I know I had the biggest smile on my face. And I couldn't even call Kyle, because I had to do heights and weights. I finished the three classes at the school and once I got to the car I called Kyle. I made sure he was nowhere near anyone while on the phone and I told him. It was strange because I didn't yell and scream, because it's still pretty hard to believe.

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