May 19, 2014

Somehow I'm Not Convinced

So remember that time we went to Disney World. You know, and rode all the rides that say 'no expectant mothers,' you know because I didn't think I was an expectant mother...

Well... turns out I was.

I started to get a little nervous, so naturally I started writing.

Tuesday March 11, 2014

We're on quite possibly the biggest vacation we've ever taken. We're right smack dab in the middle of all things Disney and Orlando and magic. And today we decided to take a backpack to Islands of Adventure just in case I needed certain items that us ladies sometimes need at certain times of the month, you know, certain times that for me were supposed to start on Sunday...

Wednesday March 12, 2014

As I was standing in line today at Disney World I saw the little 'No Expectant Mothers' symbol on many of the rides. I'm not an expectant mother, so I'm free to ride. I rode them all. There's really no chance that we are actually pregnant... right?

Thursday March 13, 2014

Today at Epcot we had quite a large buffet meal at the Biergarten restaurant in the World Showcase. I saw some of the cold cut meats and cold sausages and avoided them. You know, because luncheon meats must be steaming hot to be safe for pregnant women. Not like I'm pregnant, but every day that passes I get more curious. It's four days past Sunday.

But then I thought about the last few days. I did not have any alcohol, I do not smoke, I most definitely didn't participate in any illegal drug use, but I did...

 - Eat cold lunch meat on a Jimmy John's sandwich on Tuesday
 - Eat sauerkraut today at the Biergarten
 - Order a medium rare steak on Wednesday
 - Take allergy medicine all last week and even on Sunday
 - Top my salad with a load of blue cheese crumbles on Wednesday
 - Ride plenty of rides marked 'No Expectant Mothers' on, well, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday...

I guess I didn't garden or play in cat litter, so I haven't broken all the rules. But as far as undercooked meats, cold deli meat, unpasteurized cheese, and roller coasters are concerned, I've broken almost all of the pregnant lady rules. But I guess we don't even know yet if I am a 'pregnant lady' ...

Friday March 14, 2014

We were driving for quite a while today on our way home from Florida. Kyle got a Mountain Dew at one of the stops and I refrained from sipping it because of the caffeine. Still thinking in 'what ifs.'

Sunday March 16, 2014

We got out of church today and I couldn't wait any longer. I made a salad at lunch and avoided the tiny cubes of ham on the salad bar...

I need to know. It's been seven days since last Sunday.

So on our way home from the ever-classy Pizza Inn Buffet we stopped at the CVS. I'm sure we could have gone to Walmart, but I couldn't chance running into anyone I knew. I was buying a pregnancy test. Why I felt so much like one of those teenagers in some Lifetime movie, I don't know. As I went to the register I may have flashed my wedding ring quite a bit to show I was married and I made small talk to distract from the item in my hand. They need a shirt that says in bold print "I promise it's okay for me to be buying this right now."

I took my purchase home: a three-pack of the store brand 'early response' tests. I waited the recommended number of hours to pee and I took the test. I stared at the little line forever. Just one line. Not pregnant.

Maybe it's because last time I had a negative test, a few days later I had a positive one... but still somehow I'm not convinced.

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