Apr 28, 2014

Time for Summer

I know the blog has been a little bare lately. Sorry about that.

My schedule, however, has been far from bare.

We've been busier than ever getting ready for the summer. It's that time of year again when we make the big move to Colorado for the summer. This year I head up with Kyle, wooo hooo, and although I'll be back a little earlier than him in August, I'm not playing the airplane ride every two weeks game.

Can I get an amen?


I cannot tell you how excited I am that I get to not only see my husband for so many days in a row, but also how excited I am to get to be a part of camp this summer that doesn't involve 'sorry I'll get back to you in two weeks.'

This year though we're leaving even earlier than last and we've been running around the house trying to get ready. I made a giant list on the office board and I didn't even have time to use pretty handwriting. This was all business.

We got the nursery/guest room ready for our summer roomies to move in, and one of them, we're proud to say is already in the house! Sleepover! But that meant moving lots of items to lots of different closets and making sure that our friends didn't feel like they were living in a storage room. It also meant packing up a certain little girl's last mementos and storing them safe and sound on her momma's closet shelf. I may or may not have spent most of that time looking at her pictures and hugging that sweet husband of mine.

But here at the Hess House the garage is cleaned out, the trees are trimmed, the lawn is mowed and it's t-minus three days until the 16 hour drive up to Colorado. I guess I better start packing...

So while I do apologize for a lack of posts lately, I will explain that my mind has been a little too crazy to write something worth reading. I've been on overdrive at work trying to get everything wrapped up and ready to return in the fall, and by the time I get home, whew!

Lots happening here at the Hess House, and I cannot wait to tell you all about our drive up to Colorado and the beautiful mountains we get to stare at from our front porch every morning!

So I'll be packing this week and I hope to be able to get our first Colorado pics and posts up by next Monday, but let's be honest, we'll see how that works.

Either way, Happy Monday. It's time for summer :)

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