Sep 3, 2012

The Gardener Returns

Happy Labor Day!

We have a great weekend planned with lots of projects around the house (already completed!!) and family coming in. Not so mention eating a quite large Dairy Queen Blizzard and laying on the couch more than usual...

So while we're off spending with weekend with my mom, dad, and grandma, I'm leaving you guys with this Garden Update!

So while I say I "gardened" this summer, I really just tried my best to keep things from dying. And succeeded some of the time.

But that husband of mine has a love like no other for this garden. So when he got home the garden got all the love and attention it needed. And he had the day off of course too.

Here's what it looked like before, just a few weeks ago.

And then this is what it looked like once he worked his magic. See the tomatoes he linked to the lattice on the fence. Or the lack of weeds. Or the stability for the bell peppers. Or the transplants out of the pots and into the real garden...

Okay so maybe it looks the same to you, but did you see the new broccoli?? You know, since it's a cool weather crop like lettuce.

He even helped out by staking up the bell peppers.

I'm glad he's home. But the garden is really really glad he is home. Maybe it will even survive.

Happy Gardening, Happy Labor Day (sitting on the couch and not gardening...) which ever your preference.

Can't wait to show off this weekend's progress!!!

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