Sep 17, 2012

The Photography Adventure

So one of the first of these new adventures is going to be photography. I know nothing about it really.

Well, at least a few months ago I knew nothing about it. But now I've been reading all the "Top Ten Tips for New Photographers" websites and learning as much as I can.

I think I surprised a few people when I said I wanted to pursue photography a bit. A few people said they thought I'd be good at it. One friend even said I looked like a photographer; although I have no idea what that means...

But I think the biggest desire to shoot comes from a desire to capture the beauty I see all around me. I see beauty everywhere. I feel like the Lord speaks to me that way a whole lot; I'll be driving home from work in a hurry to get to the grocery store and then there will be the most beautiful sky, the best sunset and I'll have to drive right into it for an entire hour. God loves me very well.

And so I tried to paint. And I still love painting but I can't quite capture exactly what I see. I'm not that talented (at all really), I just enjoy it at times.

So photography has always been on my mind. And then I heard a friend talking about taking pictures and the joy of capturing the sweet moments in people's lives. And I think I fell in love with the idea right then and there.

I have no idea where all of this will go. More than I likely I'll figure out how to work a camera and take really great pictures of Kyle grilling on 4th of July. I'm not thinking I'll be any Ansel Adams or anything,  or even a professional photographer at all...

But it's neat to dream about and it's neat to learn. And at least I'll have better pictures for the blog right?

So that adventure starts today as a part of the bigger adventure of this year. I don't have too many plans for the year yet. I'm thinking about making Kyle pose for me lots and lots, thinking about carting this thing with me everywhere I go and taking at least 1 picture on manual every day. Maybe I'll convince my friends/family to let me take their Christmas card shots for a low, low introductory price of Free, lol. But there will be lots of experimenting.
And to tell you the truth, I'm very excited about it.

Happy Shooting (like the camera kind, or I guess the gun/bow kind if you're the hunting type).

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