Sep 15, 2012

Next Year's Adventure

(Pardon the delay, our internet has been out here at the Hess House...)

So I'm a planner. Through and through. I seem to think that more than trying anything fully, I can simply read/research/plan enough to make the perfect decision the first time.

That's why I tasted all the flavors at Orange Leaf frozen yogurt before choosing one (or two), that's why we have to go in at fast food places while on road trips (because I need more time to decide than allowed in the drive thru), that's why when I was at the eye doctor last week and he flipped the little lens in front of me and said "one or two?" I asked him to flip back and forth about a million times.

I like to plan, perfectly.

I came home last week with a sketch of how I wanted the living room arranged (I'm a doodler too). While I was sharing it with Kyle he got up and started moving the furniture! I was all, "wait, now?" And he replied, "why not?"

He's good like that. All about jumping in and trying something to see if it works. What's the worst that could happen...we move our furniture back where we had it before.

So I've been trying to figure out what it is I love, what it is I'm good at, what it is I want to invest time in becoming. Not so much going back to school or anything crazy, but like I bought a kiln and have still yet to use it or hook it up. Do i want to spend time learning to make pottery and buy the supplies and tools needed and teach myself? Not so sure really.

So I figure instead of wondering about all these things I ought to just try them. I'm thinking about finally figuring out how to sew or make my own bread, maybe getting into photography, or figuring out if I've got any talent at decorating our little house. Or a few other things I've got up my sleeve...

I have better expectations for the photography than I do the house, and more for the baking than sewing... I just don't stick to patterns or recipes very well, so we'll see.

But that's the adventure, with a time span of one year. We've got a lot coming up, but the details will be unfolding soon. I figure I could at least try. And then after the year I'll know a little more about what I do or don't love, or what I am or am not actually good at, lol. Refer to post from months ago "Things I Don't Do."

Here's to adventures and discovering life. Let's see where it goes.

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