Sep 24, 2012

Fan and Family

Labor Day weekend, I know it seemed like years ago... but my Mom and Dad came to town! They brought my grandma with them and we had a whole weekend planned.

For the ladies, we were going to see Aunt Billie and Uncle Frank in Dallas. And for the men, they had work to do.  When my dad told me he was coming to town he asked if we needed any work done around the house, and he's very handy. So after he begged us to let him work for us, lol, we said yes.

Then we got busy making a long list of things to get done. It looked something like this:
     Install overhead lighting/fan in the living room
     Install light over the baking area on the kitchen
     Install a cable outlet in the living room AND run the cable up to the attic
     Check to see why the running water in the shop isn't working
     Figure out why there are open wires coming out of the gazebo
     Install the kiln

We essentially had 2.5 days minus a few football games to watch. But we had two very handy men.

So first they got in the attic and looked at all the wiring and switches and checked all kinds of things. See there was no overhead lighting at all in the living room, no switch to a light or anything. Weird, I know. They were starting from scratch. Same for the baking table. Oh and the cable outlet...

The whole bunch of us headed to our local handy dandy Lowe's and filled the cart:
    50 feet of 14-2 co-axle cable
    3 remodel boxes
    2 light switches
    2 light switch plate covers
    1 cable outlet cover
    1 can light/ ceiling box
    1 can light cover
    1 can light bulb
    2 work lamps
    2 work lamp bulbs
    1 fine ceiling fan
    TOTAL $195.99

Big money projects for us. We didn't have any special coupons at that time, and we don't really get credit cards at these places just for the 5% off (not yet at least), but thanks to some really special friends of ours, we had a $200 gift card to Lowe's.  You won't believe what we did with that $200. It would have cost us a fortune to get someone else to come out and do all this work.

First project: The Ceiling Fan
Like I mentioned, we went from no overhead lighting in the living room to a ceiling fan and overhead lighting in one day. It was kind of a miracle; I was very impressed.

We chose this guy for the fan. My dad told us that you really shouldn't go for the cheapest fan. That the blades are smaller and less angled and that they usually have a smaller motor (no matter how big the round thing looks) and so they spin real nice but there's not much air flow. My dad may not be a professional electrician, but I'll tell you what, he's a professional at figuring out how to cool down. He knows fans. With Kyle and my dad being the same in the "we're always hot so it's nice to have a 367mph breeze blowing" department, we went with a good fan.

They actually drilled holes in the ceiling and the wall.

Aren't they both just so handy. The men I love the most, all right there doing manual labor for me for free... lol. :)

And here she is.

Kyle and Dad were both very happy and very cool for the rest of the weekend. Considering they were climbing around in a 110 degree attic for a while with no air/breeze of any sort, they deserved to get to relax under the fan.

Then Sunday we put them back to work. More to come on the planned Labor Day weekend projects, and the unexpected ones that popped up too!

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