Sep 5, 2012

Satsuma Tree

So I know we've been pretty heavy on gardening posts lately... but don't worry, we're about to rock the inside of this house like crazy. (Well at a slower pace sorta of, not too crazy, while we also enjoy college football season, crazy).

I promise we do way more than stare at our garden... usually.

So we were driving by the local nursery this past weekend and we saw that they were celebrating their 43rd anniversary of being in business... with a 43% off sale!

We swung in to pick up some sweet potato plants, and it turns out we were supposed to plant sweet potatoes in May. I'm sure the lady thought we were crazy for wanting to still buy them, so she gave them to us for free. So maybe that should have been a sign or something, but they look great, they already are growing some little sweet potatoes popping out of their little planters.

So we gave them a new home, right where the corn used to be.

But back at the garden store, the lady told us that the fruit trees were on sale too... Fruit trees! I'm kind of in love with anything that can grow us fruit. So I headed over to the tree section and found the satsuma trees, and Kyle picked out the very best one.

I was stoked because my mom has a beautiful satsuma tree and I LOVE the satsumas Satsumas are like small clementine oranges, no seeds, skin just falls off, super juicy!

But while my mom's tree is planted in the back yard at their house, apparently ours will need to be in a pot here in East Texas just in case a freeze comes to town. Then we can just roll the pot into the garage instead of trying to make an incubator for it (apparently just wrapping the tree in sheets doesn't work here.)

So we bought a BIG pot.

And we planted a satsuma tree. And then we danced the happy "we have another fruit tree" dance. Okay, maybe Kyle didn't dance.

It looks smaller in the picture, but isn't it beautiful! It's already got a few satsumas on it that will be ready in just a few weeks, and then I can't wait to see what we'll get next year.

Here's to fall gardening and plants that make fruit, and the fact that not all the other posts will be about plants this month, lol.

Happy Satsuma Eating!

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