Aug 14, 2012

The Tomatoes

I'd be lying if I said I haven't been enjoying the very best homegrown tomatoes all summer. Because the truth is; I have been, enjoying wonderful tomatoes.

Nothing like what you get in the stores ;) My dad taught me that one early on in life.

It's been a hot summer, but the tomatoes have gone crazy. They've only survived because of the timer we bought to automatically water the garden. They get watered daily (every other day before all the heat) in the mornings at 6:30, and we know if it weren't for the timer that would not happen. Can you see me in my dark navy blue scrubs outside in the morning sweating before my drive to work??

So here they are, in all their glory. They're like my first kids or something, I'm so proud.

They've kind of taken over. Don't mind the overgrown broccoli in the foreground (apparently a winter crop) or the pots in the right bed. That's where the spinach (also a winter crop) died and so I decided to make my life easier and rig up the pots on the watering system there...

With all the new leaves, the birds can't see all the tomatoes. So I don't have to pick them all early to get to them before the birds. Ripened right on the vine!

They've grown even more. They've fallen over the large metal frames and attached themselves to the lattice on the fence. But they're still making great tomatoes!

So many tomatoes. They just keep coming so I just keep eating them. Fresh just picked yesterday ripe tomatoes on my salad tonight actually...

Wishing I had an entire field to garden... well maybe, it's a lot of work too, lol. Wonder how long these plants will produce? The bell peppers are still growing as colorful as ever! From seeds are still doing better than the green ones started from plants too!

Happy Gardening, or Vegetable Eating... or both!

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