Jun 23, 2011

Mississippi Mud in Colorado

So we've been working really hard in CO this week. Like trying really hard to get lipstick stains out of 2 towels and researching stain removal techniques on realsimple.com, you know, dish scrubbing, towel folding, gear hauling, ropes coursing hard work.

But for some reason I only take out my camera when we're taking much needed breaks.

The MEN on camp work real hard, and finally had their first "Mississippi Mud Man Break" of the summer. Blue Bunny Mississippi Mud ice cream bar from the Ute Trail store... and sitting in rocking chairs being men.

Then they washed it down with a Snow Cone :) I made them take a picture for me.

We love our Men on camp. They lift really heavy things and eat lots of snow cones (and of course running camp).

Thank the guys in your life who do your heavy lifting. And maybe introduce them to Mississippi Mud :)

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