May 19, 2011

Snow! ... we're not in Texas anymore.

Yep, so I'm sitting at the computer typing this in front of a beautiful scene. I can see the cabins that will be filled with campers in just a few weeks. I can see the mountains that I love so much, that restore my soul. and today... I see SNOW!!

That's right folks, we're finally at Ute Trail to rock out the summer and today it's snowing. Can we still call it 'summer' camp??


More to come. Really, the snow keeps falling and now pictures would be 10x better... stay tuned! and wherever you are, enjoy the weather... even if you can't drink hot tea while doing it. ;)

1 comment:

  1. Even though the picture of Kyle isn't a close up, you can see how big he is smiling. Enjoy the snow for us!


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