Jun 2, 2011


So I made the treck from our sweet little cabin in Colorado to our cute little home in Texas.  In Colorado the mountains are huge, it was 43 degrees, and it snowed yesterday.  In Texas it's 99 degrees and climbing, I wake up hours earlier, but my skin is no longer dry to the max.

But I love to fly.  Not so much the sitting way to close to the very large person who hung their arm over in my section of the seat for the whole ride... but the looking out the window at clouds, reading, eating, and running through the airport.

Window seat. Check! (Isn't that just dreamy!)

And this was my view as the plane was landing down in Texas.

And then I went the wrong way in the airport, but it was the RIGHT way because it led me to the Popeyes!!

I'm not sure if you love Popeye's a whole lot, and I cannot eat it very often. But, Lake City has no chain restaurants and even our town in Texas doesn't have a Popeyes. So I endulged. (Yep that's red beans and rice under there!)

More to come about being at home without by hubby, and getting crafty with some extra free time.

(And just to be clear, Kyle and I are still married and very in love. We're living apart for a few weeks just because his job is in Colorado for the summer and I have to head back to Texas every once and a while so I can keep up with my job here ;)

Enjoy the summer, enjoy that it's not yet crazy, crazy hot :)

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