May 29, 2011

Leaving Colorado.

Sad to say my first round of Colorado wonderfulness has come to an end. I fly out quite early tomorrow morning, headed back to Texas and the world of dietitian-ness.

Work will be crazy, and I'll miss my husband dearly. But, I have a huge list of things I've been wanting to get done.  You know: Finish learning to play the guitar, Make a quilt, Exercise, Hang out with the new roommate.  Don't worry, I'll share the list soon :)

But I head back to Texas where I'm sure I'll melt, but at least be able to breathe.  (maybe I'll start running with my super human Colorado lung strength?)

Gotta re-check the TSA website before I fly...

Enjoy where you are today... and where you'll be tomorrow.

Bye Colorado. See ya soon :)

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