Oct 1, 2015

Remembering October

Today is October first. The entire fall season seemed to sneak up on me this year.

I will admit, however, that my grief didn't sneak up. It rolled in a bit early and filled my thoughts more than I'd imagine almost two years later. Someone told me they were thinking of our Hannah the other day and my reply back was a thanks and simply that 'yes, me too, a lot lately for some reason.' I don't know if its the cooling weather or the return to our home here in Texas. But that sweet girl has been on my mind.

And now it's October and October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. While I don't have any new stories for you today, I would like to invite you to read the stories I was so blessed to share here last October. They are all written by those affected by loss, and they are beautiful stories of the Lord's goodness.

It has been my joy to get to know some of these mothers a little better over the last twelve months. And it has been my great joy to get little messages from those who have been so blessed to have new babies, one of which was born just last night. How perfect.

So if you didn't catch them last October or simply wanted to read them again, here they are.


In the Presence of God: Catherine Causey

Hartley: Madison Dumas

Twenty-two Years Later: Brandie Grant

Harper: Amber Roberts

In This Storm: Cherish Montgomery

John Carter & Elliot: Katie Bryant

Fear Does Not Hold Me Any Longer: Katie Haley

Bryant Cole: Molly Brown

Amathyst: Celimar

Back Further Than Nine Weeks: Christy Cash

Even Nine Months Later

And mommas (and daddies) out there, those who have shared your stories and those who have not, know that this momma is praying for you today.

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