Oct 27, 2015

Lincoln: Six Months

Six Months
June 2015
Little Buddy,
I cannot fathom how you got to be six months old. Just yesterday you were only four months old and it must have been last week that you were born.
But now you are our little boy. Every day I look at you amazed at how you’ve grown so quickly and how you are turning into more of a little man and less of a baby. I often ask ‘where did my little baby go?’
You are hitting all the milestones that the doctors check. At your six month appointment you weighed in at 18 pounds 5 ounces and your head still hit into the 95th percentile range. Your head will get us into a bit of trouble as the weeks go on, but we’ll be just fine and you’ll probably never remember that you had a flat head and we had to go to all these doctor visits or that you will have to wear one of those little baby helmets. Sorry if you do.
Right before your six month birthday we packed you into your Daddy’s big black truck and took you with us to Colorado. We arrived and you cannot stop looking around at all the new things. I love watching you explore this new world and I love seeing the wind hit you in the face as your eyebrows jump up in shock. I hope you come to love this place, I hope part of your heart lives here like ours do. I hope you gain a curious mind and an adventurous spirit out here, although I know that will get me into much trouble when you are a little older.
We started the fun of feeding you food this month and your dietitian Mommy is in heaven. You are in heaven too. The very first day you squished your little face at the taste of an avocado, but since then you’ve gobbled down that very same avocado, banana, oatmeal and sweet potato. You may grow up to be like your momma, there’s not a food I don’t like.
The wonder of living at camp is also seeing others marvel at you. We sit at the dining room table and stare at you. We all watch you smile and giggle and play and talk. We make funny faces at you and it would seem that all of us here haven’t a thing to do but watch you chew on a spoon.
Six months. And I cannot explain how much I love you. I just do. In a way that I want to kiss your cheeks constantly and I want to put your needs above my own constantly.
I love you sweet boy. Half a year, I can’t believe it.

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