Oct 29, 2015

Lincoln: Eight Months

Eight Months
July 2015

Every month I know I say the same thing, "I can't believe you are growing so fast." And again it is true. How is it that you were my little tiny baby just yesterday and today your laughing and singing and spreading your full-faced infectious smile.

You weigh 20 lbs 12 ounces now, although now they weigh you fully clothed and with your helmet on. Your length I have no idea because they haven't measured you at the doctor in forever.

Speaking of doctor, the reason we know your weight to the ounce is because we did go to the doctor recently. But not your baby doctor. You fell off the bed while Mommy was cleaning your little helmet. And let's just say that the fall was longer than you are tall. I screamed and held you and ran to the nurse to get you checked. You soothed quickly in my arms and it was a great relief. You wouldn't put any weight on your leg so we headed in. Congratulations, you got your second set of x-rays. (The first were your chest x-rays when you were born). Also, congratulations, your leg is not broken. You, sir, must be tough.

Thank for being tough.

And also, sorry. I'll try not to let you fall off the bed again as an infant. Although I'm sure you'll someday fall out of many trees or maybe off the frame of a four poster bed, and maybe you'll break your arm or leg one of those times.

I pray you take lots of adventures and that you're not afraid.

This month we've been busy that it's hard to count the milestones. This month we've been adventuring around Colorado in the mountains and to the tiny towns.

I will say that this month you attended your first Fourth of July Parade in Lake City. And really, you were in the parade, so that's a first. We had watermelon and played bingo in the park. But, to your mom's disappointment you didn't get to try turkey legs, because there were no turkey legs for sale this year in town.

Now that I really think about it you had a lot of first among the adventures. You played in your first Lake City Open at the mini-golf in Lake City. Although 'played' is a bit of a stretch because you mostly just chewed on the tiny little plastic orange club.

And you got to see you first movie in theatres. Typically sane people don't bring small babies to theatres out of the politeness of their hearts for the other people watching. We're polite, but the local Mountaineer Theatre held a special showing of Jurassic World for camp staff and so we brought you along. We put you in the ear protection muffs from the shotgun range and you fell asleep halfway through the movie and slept through the credits. I will note that you didn't seem scared at all of the dinosaurs and so that makes you extra tough.

You also got your helmet off. Your head grew so fast that it got too small and the doctor said you were all done. Your head's not perfect, but I'm sure ours aren't either. And who's aiming for perfect anyway. Won't be me.

Lots of adventures in Colorado Little Buddy. I do hope you come to love it here.

Love you always, my tough little guy,

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