Oct 8, 2015

Lincoln: Three Months

Three Months
February 2015
Little Buddy,

It seems we finally have a routine.

After all the traveling and all the transition, here we are. In the day it's just you and me. I take more pictures than I do showers, maybe even 100 to 1. But you know what they say, 'a picture lasts longer than a shower.' Or maybe they don't say that at all...

You are getting bigger. I heard Daddy call you his 'little buddy' one day and it just stuck. I stopped calling you Little One and now you're our Little Buddy. It fits because you seem more every day like a little boy than a baby. You're growing so fast I think you're almost to 14 pounds and we're breaking into the 6 to 9 month clothes at an alarming rate.

It is true, you are the happiest baby, smiling when I sing or change your diaper. Yes, you smile most when I change your diaper. Your dad and I sometimes call it a 'reset.' You'll be all fussy and we just have to lay you on your changing table and out come the smiles.

Your dad has taken to making silly faces and dancing and singing for you. He can make you smile more than anyone. There are times when I catch you staring at our front door, almost as if you know that at 5 o'clock your daddy is going to come walking through. I think maybe you think Dad just sits on the other side of that door all day, hiding.

Just like Mom and Aunt Payton, you love looking at yourself in the mirror. It makes tummy time quite simple because you are completely content laying on your stomach as long as you can see your own face.

Really the only time we find you fussy is when you wake up from a nap too early or when you poop. We talk about poop a lot it seems. And yes, we talk about naps all the time. We're working on naps in the crib but you still prefer moms arms. Right now you sleep great at night in your own crib, in your own room, without a pacifier even. We still swaddle you, we even had to buy a larger swaddle, but you love it. I will say that we 'say' you're a good night sleeper, but we are still waking you at night.

We wake you as we wait for your skin biopsy results to return. "One gene at least" they said, and now we wait to see if you actually have VLCAD or not. I may have freaked out a bit over your skin biopsy when the scab got caught in the gauze, but so far the biopsy site is healing nicely. They say the scar will fade.

We did start putting you in cloth diapers and I'm certain that someday you'll think we're either really weird or really cool when we tell you that. Who knows? The culture seems to swing there and back and well so far the diapers seem to be working for you.

You made me smile in the best way when I took your three month pictures. Sometimes I forget how big a blessing you are and then God reminds me. There you were laying on our bed when all of a sudden something caught your eye. You wouldn't smile at the camera for me, but you saw our Hannah bear and your face lit up. I'm sure you had no clue what it was, but God reminded me of the sweetness of you. You'll always be her little brother, whether you realize it or not.

But yes, we are back to the day to day. It's time for real life now. The days of you and me, Little Buddy. I cannot wait to take you on adventures and see what the days will hold.

Love you always,

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