Sep 28, 2015

Lincoln: Two Months

First, let's talk about how my kid is eleven months old. Eleven months!

Second, let's talk about how I've been taking monthly pictures and writing for him each month and how I only posted the first month here on the blog. Ya know, like, ten months ago.

Third, let's talk about how I thought my kid was the cutest and I thought my photography skills were so great and now I look back on these old pictures and think 'oh man.' I remember jumping for joy because Lincoln was 'smiling' and now I realize he looks a little grumpy compared to now. Turns out the kid is actually getting cuter...

Hope you enjoy these. A little flash from the past before we get ready for Lincoln to turn ONE! And you know for me to finally finish  writing his birth story.

Life with a kid is, well, busy. That's my excuse.

Two Months

January 2015

Little One,

Two months. And you've already seen so many things, been so many places, and met so many people who love you.

Today we're in Oklahoma. We're doing a bit of this crazy thing called camp. Today it's the winter retreat we call "Fifty-Two." This is the third stop on quite a slew of holiday travel, because, well, everyone wants to see you Little One.

First we went  to Lake Charles for Christmas and then to Norman for a second Christmas and now up to Quapaw for Fifty-Two. We've only spent one night in our own house in almost two weeks. You're a travelling babe.

Two months and now you've already seen traces of snow. You measured 13 lbs 5 ounces and 23 3/4 inches at your last doctor's appointment and you barely fit into the 0-3 month clothes. You're chunky, tis true. You're strong and you can find our hair and pull it tight. You just started using a pacifier and we had to buy the Mam brand pacifiers because things got a little crazy when we used the other brands. Diva, I guess. You watch me and daddy and you can follow us around the room now with your beautiful blue eyes. The best part is that you can smile at us now. Oh that smile. It melts my heart.

It is now that you want to sleep longer than 3 and a half hours at night, but we haven't heard back yet about your VLCAD so we still have to wake you. I walk through the dark of night and slip in your room. I pick you up gently, feed you, and slip you right back into your crib. I'm not even sure if you wake up some times. Someday maybe we can let you sleep. But that day is not today.

You have a favorite friend and it's sweet to see you love something that isn't me or daddy. But we laugh because of all things, you love the little blue birdie that hangs over your bouncer. You stare at that little guy like he's your best friend in the world and sometimes I catch you just a smiling at him. But that's who you are. So little and you already love so well.

We love you. It's a joy to know you, to realize every day that I get to meet more of you. It's been two months and I'm tired. But I am blessed.

I love you Little One,


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