Oct 31, 2014

Twenty Nine Weeks: Game Day

September 20, 2014

Twenty Nine Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Your dad and I love college football. It's the truth.

No I don't just love college football so I can wear the cute teams shirts and bake fun mascot-shaped cookies; your momma actually loves college football.

Today I'm sure you got to hear the spirit in our house firsthand. This morning we hung the Nebraska and LSU flags outside to show our spirit and we started the day with donuts and College Gameday. But today both the Nebraska Game and the LSU game were night games, so we settled down on the couch and prepared for a night of victory.

We actually had two screens going at the same time so we could stay tuned in to both games. And I'm sure you heard all the yelling. Nope, you're daddy doesn't yell at the TV during the games; he lives and breathes Nebraska football, but it wasn't him yelling. That was me. I'm not sure if they can here me all the way down south but for some reason I think if I yell 'stop him' loud enough that the defense will get a little extra pep in their step.

Tonight your daddy's team won. But tonight my team lost, apparently they couldn't quite hear me.

But I will tell you that here in this house your momma cheers until the very last minute. I don't care if the other team is 5 touchdowns ahead and we've got two minutes left on the clock and the other team has the ball. Your momma still thinks we can win. And you know what, sometimes, we do.

So just so you know what all the ruckus was about. And just so you know who that is in the stands yelling at you on the football field someday. It's me. I'm your momma. And I won't ever give up on you.

Love always,

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