Nov 3, 2014

Thirty Weeks: Just like Dad

September 23, 2014

Thirty Weeks

Little Tiny-ish Human,

You are the cutest.

You are.

I'm your mom and I get to brag on you forever, and surely embarrass you in front of your friends. It starts now.

Today at the doctor I got to see your sweet little face on the ultrasound machine. You were all cuddly and cute and you were making the best little expressions with your face. After we were all done you put your hand in front of your face and snuggled into what would be a pillow, but honestly is probably the placenta.

You looked Just. Like. Your. Dad.

In the same way that he tries so hard to stay up and listen to my never ending stories but eventually just gets tired. Or the way that he snuggles into his pillow when we get to sleep in on the weekends. Oh you reminded me so much of him. I do like watching your dad sleep, you know, so I'm sure I'll just stand there for hours and watch you sleep too.

Oh you're so cute.

I will say though that the lady at the doctor measured your bones and your head and all the parts today and then I asked how big it said you were. She started out with, 'oh about 33rd percentile' and then said, wait you're due date's not entered right. (It's because Hannah's due date pops up every time they enter my name, I've seen it, I know). So she changed the due date to your due date and then giggled a little.

95th Percentile. Estimated four pounds three ounces...

Even though my baby app on my phone says a baby your age should weigh 'almost three pounds.'

Your daddy-o was an eleven pound baby. See, told ya you were going to be just like your dad. Maybe some day you'll even have a cool beard like him too...

I love you, I'm so glad you are so very healthy,

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