Aug 1, 2014

Twenty Two Weeks: 24 Hour Vacation

July 31, 2014

Twenty Two Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Today I woke up in a giant snuggly bed next to your daddy in a hotel with air conditioning and I thought about you. I slept in extra late as I thought about next year. Next year our twenty four hour vacation will probably not include sleeping in. That will most certainly be your fault, but I'm okay with that. I can guarantee if you're here there will most certainly be more snuggling!

See every year your dad and I try to take 24 hours off from camp right in the middle of the week. You'll laugh at us someday because we do silly things like get excited about sleeping in king size beds and snacking at Dairy Queen and dinner at Chili's and watching way too much cable TV. Yes, these are all things we have at home in Texas, but here in Colorado it's a luxury.

Someday you'll see. Twenty four hours is all we need, then we return to the beautiful mountain life that I hope someday you fall in love with.

Love you,
Your now very relaxed Mom

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