Aug 20, 2014

Twenty Three Weeks: Wiggle

August 8, 2014

Twenty Three Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Today we had to leave your daddy behind to finish camp in Colorado and you and me, we took an adventure. We adventured to Texas, back to my work at the school, back to the other house we call home.

Today you got to ride on a plane for the first time.

Of course the airport made me nervous with you in my belly going through security with all the scanners. I walked through real fast so maybe you won't grow extra toes or anything. You made me a little sick on the flight, there were times that I double checked that I had a little airsick bag surely. Let's be honest, there were times I double-checked that both me and the lady sitting next to me had airsick bags because I thought I'd need both. But then I got to sit there and feel you wiggle and kick and move all around. It made the flight 'fly' by.

I love when you wiggle.

No need to stop.


Love always,

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