Aug 4, 2014

Take Off

A few months ago on Facebook all these little comic strips started popping up. I noticed that the characters in the comic strips actually looked like the people who were posting them. After much googling I found the little app that makes these funny comics.

Yep, I know it's not really "cool" anymore, but on occasion I take my phone out and open the app and giggle. I made a face for me and one for Kyle and sometimes they're just funny. And then sometimes they really do make sense...

This one makes sense for this week.

I get on a plane at the end of the week and head back to Texas. Goodbye Colorado, oh how I'll miss you.

So this will probably be the only blog post this week, I'll be living it up camp-style and soaking in every last moment.

Then I'll return to the world of real internet and post more pictures than you probably want to see from the summer.

I'm (almost) ready for take off...

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