Aug 29, 2014

It's a Real Thing

So yes, I'm home to the wonderful world of Texas.

And yes, I'm pregnant.

So although each year I return to our home ready to get the house 'back into shape' and work on all those house projects I've been doodling about all summer, this year let's just combine that with NESTING.

It's a real thing.

But we have friends (who we love!) staying in our guest room/ nursery for the summer and as planned they're still here. But now it's like when you want a chocolate cupcake, and you don't have one so you think 'oh I'll just eat this Hershey's kiss and that'll do'. And then it doesn't 'do' so you think I'll just have this chocolate pudding, and then I'll just have these two Oreos and some milk. And then 700 calories later you realize that you're going to actually have to go get a chocolate cupcake or you'll eat the entire house.

Well I've got a mother-nature-induced will to clean and prepare the baby nursery. So while I wait for the room to clear, I find myself going 'ooh I'll just stain the gazebo and retile the bathroom and clean every shelf in the entire refrigerator by taking it apart and soaking every piece...'

Luckily (other than the fridge) I put all those plans on hold. I did get out and wash and de-leaf the gazebo. And I did hang the fancy patio lights I got for my birthday, but I've got to wait until I fix the screen on the gazebo before I spend any mosquito-free time out there.

I did find a way to sneak into the nursery and do a few things...

I have the task set ahead of me of rebuilding the nursery. IT hasn't yet been used and so I won't want to change much. There's a part of me that wants to keep everything the same forever, but then there's a part of me that knows I do want to change out the roses on the wall for our baby boy.

So while I'm not repainting the room or buying all new things, I will be making a few changes to get the nursery ready for baby Hess number two. The roses on the wall and the picture of my grandmothers in swimsuits will probably need to go. Unless of course they're like a pin-up girls which seems wrong in more ways than fifty thousand.

So let's just say I've got a few projects going and I'm real excited to share them with you in the next few weeks.

Until then, Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you get to spend time with the people you love doing the things that make your heart most happy.

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