Aug 22, 2014

Twenty Four Weeks: Love Extra

August 12, 2014

Twenty Four Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Today I put on my heels and I went back to work. You'll notice it's really the only time I wear anything close to heels except of course when your daddy and I go on fancy dates and I dress up all pretty.

Everyone at work was so impressed with you. They were all "oh look at that belly!" "little man inside!" and talking cute baby talk to you. I'm sure you heard them, I hope you loved it. I loved it. I'm proud of you already.

People are extra kind today most likely because they remember your sister. There is no doubt that people may love you extra because of Hannah once you are born. I surely will. As much as my heart still beats for her every day, I have all this pent up baby love that I'm ready to spill out on someone. So when you're eighteen and I'm bawling as you leave for college and saying sappy things like "I love you baby!" while your friends are around. Remember, it's just because I love you extra.

I do, I love you extra.

Now I have to go put my feet up because although your sister kindly spared me of swollen feet, you, you sir have not been so courteous since we hit the heat of Texas.

Love extra,

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