Jun 13, 2014

You Sure Are Popular Around Here

April 15, 2014

So my insurance changed providers.

Now when I get my labs drawn I have to tell them that I'm the person with the insurance that only covers the 'other' lab. The clinic has to draw my blood special and call someone to pick it up. Which means I get to talk extra to the blood draw lady. She was quite friendly but she asked me a question today.

As I was sitting waiting, a few people passed through the room. Nurses, assistants, doctors... Okay maybe more than a few. I smiled at all of them and they all called me by name. I'd love to think it's because I'm friendly. But I know it's both because I've been there quite a bit in the last year, and because of Hannah.

But I don't mind. I like it actually. They don't look at me with pity like others do, but they look at me as a friend, as someone who's story they know, someone they are hoping has a live baby this time.

So when the lady said "Well you sure are popular around here. How do you know everyone so well?" I just shrugged and said, 'I do come here quite often.' And I smiled.

If I'm that girl, I'm at least going to smile about it.

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