Jun 9, 2014

The Lemonade Refill Lady

April 8, 2014

Today we saw our tiny little baby on that most wonderful of screens at the baby doctor office!

There's a baby in there! (turns out that little blur is actually a baby :)

Although it looks more like a little tiny dot, they say it's a baby. They say we're probably only about 6 weeks and 6 days at this point so the baby is still very tiny. The doctor said it's too early to hear a heartbeat but we did get to see the monitor pickup the heartbeat. Oh how I can't wait to hear the sound of our baby's heart beating. And then I pray it never stops, not as long as I'm alive at least.

They told us our due date is November 27th. I thought that sounded awful close to Thanksgiving so I looked it up. Turns out November 27th is Thanksgiving this year. Oh how very perfect!

So Kyle and I with new baby pictures in hand headed off to our celebratory lunch at Chick-fil-a. I think I must have been bouncing around the place. And I think the lemonade refill lady noticed.

As we headed out I Kyle and I stopped to refill our lemonades and the lady looked at me and asked, "Are you just having the most wonderful day?" And I, I'm sure grinning ear to ear, replied, 'yes! I am! I am having the most wonderful day!"

And then quickly I took two steps back to Kyle as we walked out the door and I said, "So I almost told her. I almost just said to the lemonade refill lady "Yes! I am! And I am having a baby!" But I held it in.

We're having a baby.

I couldn't be more happy.

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  1. I am SO excited for you guys! Your due date falling on Thanksgiving....how perfect!!! Thank You Father for this precious little blessing You have placed in Brittany's womb! May he/she grow strong as You knit them together in the days ahead!!!


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