Jun 16, 2014

Let's Make a Deal

April 15, 2014

Dear Little Tiny Human,

They say you are the size of a black-eyed pea. I'm not sure why you need this much energy. I know you're building ALL the organs, but I need some energy for me too. Isn't that how it works? Sharing is caring?

Someday I'll teach you to share.

Let's make a deal: I give you all my energy, whatever I have left of anything close to a hot bod, and all my love and you, you just need to live long enough so I can hold you alive. Or maybe long enough that I get to watch you have gray hair and grandchildren.



1 comment:

  1. Brittney, you are so beautiful (inside and out) and I know this little baby is going to be the same way because he/she will have you influencing his/her life. I wish you and your little family the best. I never said anything during Hannah's entrance and exit because I really couldn't find words. I just cried from a distance:( I now cry again but happily as I see pictures of your new bump. So very happy for you.
    -Jessie Bell Joyner


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