Jun 23, 2014

Baby Brain

May 14, 2014

Dear Little Tiny Human,

Maybe you'll be really funny. Maybe you'll be really silly. But today you're taking all that's left of my brain. Give it back or I won't give you yummy ice cream for dinner just for funzies. Okay?

Love always,
You're crazy mother.

So this morning I woke up normal. I got plenty of rest. I even put on make up and put on my new pregnancy skinny jeans just to be cute. Then I headed to our breakfast meeting at camp. I made a bowl of oatmeal and it was time for breakfast devo.

And that's when it happened.

Skeet the camp boss was asking about qualities of a leader. And after reading multiple books on leadership at my other job this year, I had something to share.

I tried.

It didn't work. About one out of every three words didn't come out of my mouth correctly.

When saying 'a leader is...' it came out more like 'see, it, a leader, can, soup...' Poor Kyle was very confused and when the rest of the team asked Kyle what was happening to be he replied, 'I have no idea, maybe she's having a stroke...'

And I kept trying. I'd pull myself together and I'd get a few great words out and then I'd follow with 'so when you get wet' instead of something about leadership. I was the epitome of what one of my good friend calls 'a hot mess.' So I just started laughing.

I started giggling and with everything I had I couldn't stop.

I got up, walked out of the breakfast meeting, stopped in the kitchen, dried my eyes from all the laughter and tried to pull myself together. But then I started crying, like sad crying. And only a few seconds later I'd be laughing at the very same time.

Eventually I could breath normally, and I re-joined the meeting. I sat down and started laughing and had to get right back up and walk right back out.

Oh Little Tiny Human, you and your sister both, you've stolen any bit of intelligence I ever had left...

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