Oct 26, 2012

The Project List

So as I was writing up the house tour post, I realized that I have a lot of ideas, wishes, projects in mind for our house. I may not be the fanciest, and I may not have the best sense of style, but I do at least have ideas. Ideas and a little craftiness, lol. I'm not the best person at getting house projects finished. Again, remember how I have the fabric and all the supplies needed for the curtain over the kitchen sink? Yet still my neighbors have to stare at me while I scrub dishes late at night, oops. Anyway, I thought maybe making a little list of all the ideas/plans for the house would give me a little starting point.

I am a list-maker, I am a goal setter. So it seemed appropriate.

Disclaimer: We love our house. We love each charming thing about it, but there are some things that don't have to stay the same just because we bought the house that way... we're not that sentimental. Like the vertical blinds that were in the dining room, some things should probably go. The house is also lacking a bit of 'us' and our 'style' or whatever you want to call it. We're ready to paint and hang and put a little groove into things, lol. So I'm not complaining or wishing away the present, I just like to have a plan. And it's okay to dream a little too.

So here it is, the project list. I haven't really figured out what we can realistically get done in a year, so some are far off plans. Some are more expensive plans (you'll notice the $$$ marking) that we'll definatley have to save up for first.  See what you think, also let us know what you think, we're always open to some good ideas :)

Any way, here we go: The List

Living Room

 - Paint the walls
 - Hang curtains
 - Hang a gallery wall, or at least something on the walls
 - Mostly just decor items, painting, throw pillows and such (we'll call it style)
$$$ Plans:
 - Buy a new couch and love seat set (maybe after we have kids and they get food all over these...)
 - Get one of those flat tv sets and mount it on the wall, eliminating the need for the tv console.


Yes the kitchen screams "I'm from the sixties!!" but we've got a ton of storage space. It could use some updating, but this is the room that also screams "updating is going to be expensive!" So this may be last on our list.
 - Hang a curtain in the window over the sink (finally)
 - Better organization in the cabinet spaces
 - Replace the overhead light (it gives off more of a glow than actual light)
 - Paint the cabinets white, new hardware
$$$ Plans:
 - New countertops, new sink
 - New floor, or maybe we'll just keep the blue stone :)
 - New oven. We'll keep this one as long as it works, but our eyes are open for a deal on a newer one.

Dining Room

I actually love this little 'room.' It needs a little flavor, but the floor is connected to the kitchen and the paneling walls are connected to the back living room... so... like a younger sibling, it'll probably get whatever the others get.
 - Repaint, repair, and recover the table and chairs.
 - Paint the walls, maybe.
 - Revamp or repaint the light fixture. I love the shape.
 - Wall art, centerpiece, curtains, some kind of flair.
$$$ Plans:
 - Someday we would love a nice big table, but right now we're working with what we've got.

Back Living Room

Great space. The new curtains are sneaking in the picture here... but we'll have more pictures later. Before the curtains there was a black sheet hanging since the first night we moved in. I'm just now realizing that sheet was up for almost a year! Crazy!
 - Paint the walls, maybe.
 - Figure out the purpose of this room...

Hall Bathroom

This is the bathroom we use and the bathroom everyone uses, unless they go through the guest room to use our tiny bathroom in there. I think the peach tile with flower accents kind of says everything.
 - Paint the walls
 - Re-tile the floor, even just a better peel-and-stick tile.
 - Open up the towel closet for open shelving.
 - New light fixture
$$$ Plans:
 - Maybe someday re-tile the shower
 - Maybe someday replace the vanity?

Master Bedroom

We call it the master bedroom because it's ours and because it's the biggest. It's the master to us. It's also a mess, it's our 'hide everything' room, because we have guests so often that we have to keep that one clean. (Again, sorry for the picture...)
 - Clean it up.
 - Reorganize the closet/storage space.
 - Paint the walls.
 - Replace or repaint the ceiling fan.
 - Wall art, curtains, mostly we just want more purposeful space.

Guest Room

Right now it's a blank space, we had some wonderful friends staying with us for a while, so they had their stuff in there and it looked so cute. Now it's just back to the bare bones.
 - Paint the walls
 - Curtains
 - Replace or repaint the ceiling fan.
 - Repaint the furniture (the wooden stuff, not that gorgeous recently professionally refinished solid heavy  
    metal bed... can you tell I love it!)
 - Wall art, knick knacks, STYLE

Guest Bathroom

AKA the smallest bathroom ever. Kyle likes to joke that he could sit on the toilet with his feet in the shower and wash his hands at the same time. It's probably true. But we love having a second bathroom.
 - Paint
 - Replace the blinds with the new ones we have sitting in a box in the back living room.
 - Give it some small spaces style.
 - Rehang the piece of molding that's sitting next to the toilet.
 - Get a toilet paper holder...
$$$ Plans:
 - Figure out how to permanently fix the'bubble' in the shower, or get a new shower...

Laundry Room

[Still not yet pictured... still a crazy laundry dirty/clean mess.]

Our laundry room is on the back of what used to be the carport before they closed it in and made it a garage. We have some organization in here, but I think we could do better.
 - A little paint, a lot of love.
 - More organization of the laundry/cleaning items
 - Better storage of other household items
$$$ Plans:
 - Someday maybe a newer fancy washer and dryer set.
 - Or if we're dreaming... a deep freeze!


We're lucky to have a LOT of outdoor storage in the house, it's not air conditioned, but it's a LOT of storage. I'd like to use that storage space and therefore be able to use the garage more. It's a mess.
 - Clean the garage.
 - Decide if anything gets to stay in the garage for storage.

The Shop

(Old picture alert: can you tell by the dead grass?) We LOVE the shop. It's wonderful, it's insulated, it has gas/electric/water running to it. Storage space, workshop, and man cave all in one.
 - Reorganize to best use the space. Maybe move some items to the little shed.
 - Clear out the junk we don't want/need.
 - Maybe paint the outside... some of the paint is peeling a little.
 - Revamp some lanscape in front of it, make it looks less giant metal building-like.
The Little Shed

You can see it to the right of the picture... not the best picture, but I had to include it. It's valuable storage space. We don't use near enough of it. Maybe we'll paint the outside of it a cut color or something some day. We don't know yet...

The Outdoors

We've got a big yard. Pecan tree, apple tree, satsuma tree, garden, gazebo, mega side yard (for us with a push mower).
 - Revamp the front porch, give it some life or maybe even just flower for the empty beds.
 - Redo the walkway, or 4 paver pathway...
 - Grow some grass. Kill some weeds.
 - Prune the holly trees, pecan tree, crepe myrtle.
 - Tackle the dead vine remains on the old chicken coop. Replant new vines?
 - Landscaping... all around the house (at least dead bush removal).
$$$ Plans:
 - Make an outdoor living space out of the gazebo.
 - Maybe expand the driveway, maybe not.
 - Ooo, sprinkler system?

We've got a lot planned, or we've got a lot of wishes. The best part is that none of them are urgent repairs. None of need need to be tackled right now. It leaves time for saving, dreaming, deciding, and being actually quite content with our home as is.

...which I guess is why we didn't do much for the first year. Well, other than the blinds, which I LOVE by the way. Here's to fun projects down the road... what to tackle first?

Happy First Home-Owning Anniversary to Us! And Happy Friday to you!


  1. I just love this blog...my favorite !You know how much I am always changing our house even it's just rearranging furniture...?That was until we moved to
    this two-stored,double-wide trailer..and now that we are in the so-called"Golden Years",I cannot move furniture,only scoot it.If I could I would shop at
    Ikea,and TheDUMP every week-end. Then I remember we
    are saving for the future....Nursing Home or whatever God has in store for us. So I will live life thru you,and Kyle and revel in your happiness.WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH BRITT

  2. I love hearing about all of your ideas. I wish I lived closer so I could hang out and help you do a few! JH


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