Oct 8, 2012

Happy Christopher Columbus Day!

Once again it's Christopher Columbus Day! For those of you who don't know, or who don't work for the federal government, it's actually a Federal Holiday.

A Federal Holiday that's not actually linked to any expectations of parties to throw, places to go, things to buy. And very few people get the day off actually... most kids are even in school today. Even Old Navy's Christopher Columbus day sale is exclusively online (probably for people like me who are very excited about being home and not actually at Old Navy). For those interested, it's code ONEEXTRA15 for 15% off, including Fall Sale items until October 9th, Online only.

But today I woke up to bird chirping, and singing and I felt like I was Snow White or something. The sun was shining in my windows (thanks to sleeping in) and it kind of feels like Christmas.  I had leftover monkey bread this morning and it's 52 degrees outside and sunny. Which, actually is a lot like Christmas weather in Lake Charles, you know, average of high of 64 and low of 44 in December each year...

So it's Christmas weather for all I'm concerned and I haven't got a care in the world.

To do list for the day:
 - Mow the grass without sweating. It needs it.
 - Pick up pecans.
 - Spray for bugs around the perimeter of the house.
 - Workout, maybe sweating then.
 - Spray paint some frames for the soon to be gallery wall.
 - Go grocery shopping with no crowds.
 - Maybe even go to Lowe's and pick up a sample paint or two...

I have high hopes for today. It feels wonderful already. Really, birds are still chirping and sun is still shining, and dew is on the leaves...

Thank you Christopher Columbus, for a hassle-free holiday, even as controversial as some of your discoveries are or what diseases you brought to America...

I'm enjoying the day off.

Happy Christopher Columbus Day, for those of you working, and those of you not!

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