Oct 3, 2012

Garden Update: Growing like Crazy

So the garden has kind of taken off since the summer ended. Cooler weather, lots of rain and things have really perked up. Even the onions that had shriveled up and 'died' are green as ever now and growing strong...

But most impressive are the bell peppers. The purple and the green bell peppers are huge and in great shape. Check em out:

Are they not the most beautiful things you've ever seen?! Maybe I'm a little biased, but really... have you ever seen a purple bell pepper before?

And after a good 2-3 weeks without any ripe tomatoes, we now have quite large green tomatoes growing. Should be any day now that they start turning red!

With all the rain, though, everything is growing ... even the stickers. Ouch! The yards in Lindale are full of them. These are like little killer stickers too, not like the ones I grew up with. These have thorns and hurt my fingers when I try to pull them off.

And then the poor satsuma tree. We already started it out with root rot by forgetting to put holes in the pot the first few weeks after we planted it. Then we thought we needed to water it every day.  Apparently, after the first 2 weeks, satsuma trees only need water every 2-3 weeks! Or when the soil is dry, they say you can stick your finger in the soil and if it comes out wet not to water the tree yet.

So now the pot has holes in the bottom and the pot is raised up on bricks so there's adequate drainage. I stopped watering it so often... and then it rained Friday night, Saturday all day, Sunday all day. We needed it, even all 3.69 inches on Saturday alone, but the satsuma tree didn't.

See the little leaves turning yellow and the satsumas turning yellow too? I don't think that's the satsumas ripening, I think that's a sure sign of root rot. And I still don't know if our little tree will be able to overcome it. But we still believe in him, you know, the tree that's now a real live character...

But that's the garden right now. The broccoli isn't doing much yet, and I still need to figure out when we're supposed to dig up the sweet potatoes since we planted them so late... or when we're supposed to pull up the onions...

Lots to still learn, but one thing's for sure: we ordered our new pecan crackers and they should be here very, very soon!!

Happy Fall Gardening!

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