Oct 1, 2012

Pecans are Falling!

Happy Monday! Guess what? The pecans are falling! How timely is that, you know since it's FALL... get it??

Anyways, we have that huge pecan tree outside and Kyle and I have been wondering (or meaning to Google) when we the pecans will be ready.

The time has come!

They aren't all ready yet, but a few have started falling and so we can put our fears aside. See I've heard that some people have old pecan trees that don't make pecans. And earlier in the year we found out that was not us, our tree was making some nuts.  But I've also heard that some people's pecan trees don't make good pecans, like they are all mushy or the shells are empty or the pecans catch some disease. I was worried we'd have that.

But we don't. These pecans are plentiful and looking great.

So I headed out there to pick up some of the few new pecans and well, the old pecans from last year before we lived here. We hadn't picked them up before now because we didn't seem to have a reason to. But now that the new pecans are falling it's nice to have a clean slate.  So I got out there with my handy dandy pecan picker upper.

Isn't that neat. See you just roll it on the ground and the pecans pop right through the little spring-wheel and you just keep rolling. We found this at a garage sale and I'm glad we got it; actually we have two.  Works like a charm. After about 5-10 minutes of rolling this guy, and a few 'West Nile' mosquito bites I decided to save my life and go indoors.  This was my loot.

Pretty impressive.

So I headed inside to start cracking and tasting (and throwing out the old ones from last year). And I think I'll be getting a new more efficient pecan cracker... or a lot more patience, lol.

Happy Pecan Season!! Wooo hooo! More pecans to come, I'm sure.

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