Oct 15, 2012

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So maybe you noticed something around here lately...

I'm trying a new thing.

It's called "posting more than once every two weeks."

Genius right?

You may have noticed the changes over the past few weeks, but I wanted to try it out first before I told the whole entire internet about it, lol. Posts will be up each Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning so if you read in the mornings, at lunch, or in the evenings it'll be there waiting for ya.  Sure there will be some little extras posted anytime, but who knows?

I realized that most people were waiting on me to post an update to facebook about a new post rather than checking the blog; probably because you got disappointed checking it every day with no new posts (every day, lol). So I wanted to let you know that you can click the link on facebook or just go right to the source.

Feel free to stop by anytime, (it's hintofhess.blogspot.com) but know that I'll be getting posts up on MWF because so much is going on around here that I want to tell you about! No need to wait for the facebook update, although I'll of course still be posting the facebook update because it's so darn convenient ;)

Happy Reading... hope you like it.

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