Oct 17, 2012

The Living Room

With all the work outside in the garden and under the pecan tree, we figure the inside of the house needs some attention too. And after all the Labor Day Projects back in September, Kyle and I realized how much could be done in one weekend. It was hard work for Kyle and my dad but they got to relax quite a bit too. Kyle said we should have project weekends like that more often. I agreed. Mostly because I've been dying to paint the living room, lol...

I've been thinking about redecorating our house for oh, about a year now. Since we have in fact lived in this house for almost a year.

So far in addition to the latest projects, we've recaulked the shower, hung a shower curtain rod, installed blinds, and planted a garden. It's a lot. But on the decor side of things we're still quite a bit lacking.

Let's just say that we haven't yet put a nail in the wall... like all the picture frames and artwork that I own just leans up again the walls in our living room waiting to be hung. Or waiting for pictures.

I can't blame Kyle, he would hang them in an instant but it's me trying to make the decision first.

What "look" are we going for? What's our color scheme? What style of home do we want? I have no idea. I just have a few pins on Pinterest and a few on Houzz of houses that I know I like.

How to make that happen I have no idea. But this is what we are starting with...

So I made what some people would call a "mood board" or an "idea board." And I know it's not super professional or done in Photoshop or anything. I've got Paint and Microsoft Word at the moment so forgive me. But this is what I'd like for our living room.
Let me explain.

1. I love the wall color. But I realize that we don't have feet of crown molding, and I'm okay with that. And I understand the wall looks blotchy, but that's just because remember I'm working with Paint.

2. The carpet is the same color that we already have. They put it in right before we bought the house, so we're rolling with it. Not ripping up brand new carpet just to have wood floors, plus I kind of love carpet (I'm always cold).

3. The couch pictured is not my dream couch or anything, but it's close to the color/shape of the couch and matching love seat we already have. And I think when we replace them we'll be going the tan route anyway, so hence the couch representation in the mood board.

4. That beautiful white piece of furniture on the right just represents the buffet that I got last year at a garage sale. I'm thinking of painting it a crisp white. Put I kind of like the rough look it has too...

5. The gallery wall. I love it. I have the frames. I'm in the process of painting them. It is happening.

6. The pillows. I'm not planning on having a million pillows on the couch, but they represent the colors I want to accent with all of the living room with lamps and pillows and other things too. It pulls all the colors together nice in the picture.

7. The coffee table. It's to represent the one we have already as well. Mostly so I could see if it would work. The one we have is weird. It's shaped like an octagon and it's oddly large while also being oddly small. I thought about painting it white, but I love it's color so much like it is. So I'm fighting for it. We'll see.

And that's about it. There will be more once it becomes real. And the first step is finding the right paint color. But don't worry, I've only been staring at paint swatches for hours/days asking Kyle, "this one, or this one." When they actually all kind of look the same...

We've got the ideas, and some of the supplies, now it's just picking a weekend and picking our first project. Painting? Gallery wall? Curtains...
Happy Redecorating, or at least dreaming.

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